Handbag beauty must-haves

Handbag must-haves

I got a new hand bag for Christmas and I’m really bloody excited about it. It’s spurred me on to organise my handbag and get a handle on the mess of receipts, dust and pennies. I realised in the process of swapping bags that I do carry around a lot of beauty products that tend to get really heavy, so I’ve managed to hone it down to just the bare miniature essentials, which I think everyone should have:

Tangle Teezer – They do a handbag specific hairbrush that has a cover and fits nicely in any bag. As I explain in my post about growing your hair, the Tangle Teezer is an ideal weapon against frizzy hair.

Aveda Invati Scalp Revitaliser – Spray onto your hair twice a day at the roots to give it that extra bit of life

Pocket-sized perfume – This Channers is light and ideal for carrying around, and the twist top means you don’t end up accidentally spraying it in your bag and wasting it.

Hand-sanitiser – I couldn’t live without this stuff; being a bit of a germaphobe. It just means that you can keep your hands clean on the go, especially when using public transport where there’s lots of grubby mitts.

Kiehls eye cream – The eye creams come in smaller pots generally, making them great handbag sized goodies. I don’t tend to use them every day but it’s nice to have them to hand in case you need a bit of moisturiser.

Lucas Pawpaw Ointment – My sister is an air hostess and she brought me back this amazing ointment from Australia. It basically heals any cracked or cut skin and is perfect for dry lips or hands. It’s a multi-purpose dream. Follow my sister’s blog here.

Hairbands – Always useful on the go, but avoid bands with metal or elastic because it can damage the hair cuticle causing it to snap!


It’s like a mobile Boots counter.


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