Back to work bags! Covering dark circles

Eye bags

Oh dear. I’ve been back to work for all of three days and the bags under my eyes are HIDEOUS, despite falling asleep on the tube both ways all three days! But luckily, I have just the products to hide all number of sins. And here they are!

Benefit’s Erase Paste – This stuff is just as good as it claims. You can have had no sleep, or have been partying all night, and this will cover it all. It comes with full step-by-step instructions as well, which is ideal for Erase Paste virgins.

Yves St Laurent Touche Éclat – Advertised as eight hours sleep at the touch of a pen, the Touche Éclat is a luxury purchase but makes the perfect tool to complete a makeup bag. Run it over your bags and across the eyelids to cover any discolouration or redness that gives away how sleepy you’re feeling.

Rimmel white kohl eyeliner – A cheap way to make your eyes pop is to run this lightly above your bottom eyelashes for instant perky eyes that look wider and less tired.

Benefit’s High Beam – When you’re tired your skin looks grey, which accentuates the bags under your eyes. The best product I’ve across to date, and have continued to buy since I was at school is High Beam. It is a ‘supermodel in a bottle’! Dot it under your eyebrows and across your cheekbones and blend for an instant lift.

VOILA! Not so knackered now!


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