Feel healthier in one day

Lemon water

Let’s face it, dieting isn’t that fun. Now the Christmas season is long gone and it seems as though everyone has been successfully taking on crazy diet plans of clean eating and carb free…except for me. It’s just not my style.

But, I’ve found some great products that really help with one diet in particular…the 5:2 diet. After just one day doing this, you’ll wake up feeling skinnier, and like you’ve flushed the bad stuff away.

Lemon in hot water – start the day with this to kick start your metabolism and aid digestion for the day ahead. At only 25 cals it won’t effect your days intake much, but will give your body much needed nutrients like potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Four calorie noodles – that’s right…only four calories for a portion of noodles – currently on three for two at Holland and Barrett. I made a really decent sized stir fry with a third of a chicken breast and heaps of vegetables for under 100 calories. They don’t taste of an awful lot…I’m not going to lie, but boil them in a little chicken stock to add flavour, and a pinch of salt.

One calorie oil spray – this is great because dry frying is a real pain, and stuff just doesn’t taste so good. But this is ideal for frying pretty much anything, and at only 1 calorie a spray you don’t have to faff around measuring oil with tablespoons, just spritz and cook. Buy it here.

Kale crisps – If you’re a bit of a crisp-monster like me then you’ll love this – remove the tough stalk from the kale and chop into ‘crisp-size’ portions. Add a pinch of salt and some low calorie oil spray and put into the oven for 30 mins. Leave the door slightly ajar to stop the oven from becoming steamy, ensuring the kale goes crispy and not wilted.

Cadbury’s Options Hot Chocolate – I used to absolutely love Skinny Cow hot chocolate…but it’s gone from UK shelves without warning! So I’ve taken to Options now, which has loads of different options. If you’re craving a sugar hit, these tasty treats are only 40 calories a cup, so you don’t need to feel like you’ve gone without.

I did my first 500 calorie day of 2015 yesterday, and I had the lemon in hot water (25 cals) followed by two scrambled eggs at 100 calories each for breakfast. For lunch I had some tomato soup at 132 calories, some kale crisps at 50 calories for a whole bowl. For dinner, a huge plate of stir fry at only 100 calories, then a hot chocolate before bed at 40 calories. All three meals plus a snack and a hot drink for 547 calories! I’m tall at 5 foot 11…so think I can justify the extra 47 cals. 😉


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