No. 7 Skincare Review

No.7 has recently run a new campaign on the effects of its skincare range on women over the course of one year, showing that it really has improved the look and feel of their skin…. and being the marketer’s dream that I am, I immediately went out and bought a full range including serum.

There are many creams and serums to choose from depending on your age and skin type.

I am 25 so I bought the Early Defence Day Cream, which is also SPF 15, and hypo-allergenic; and the night cream. There are also creams for ages 30-45, 45-60 and 60+.

Early Defence Day and Night Cream

I’ve been told by so many people that even when you’re in your twenties you should moisturise twice a day to prevent signs of ageing, protect your skin from the sun and environmental stresses like pollution in the air.

I often worry when I use new products on my skin that they’ll give me spots – as many creams can be heavy or perfumed which causes issues. Both creams are very light and don’t block your pores at all and they’re both hypo-allergenic, so they’re fine for really sensitive skin too.

Buy yours here:

And here for the night cream:

It’s 3 for 2 at the moment, so you can snap up a bargain – especially if you get them in conjunction with Boots Advantage Card offers too.

Protect and Perfect Serum

This miracle serum has been hailed as the only product on the market that actually protects your skin from the ageing process. It must be true because the advertising standards people have said it is allowed to claim it is clinically proven – unlike many other products on the market.

You apply it under your day and night cream, and it works perfectly as a base for makeup, unlike some serums that cause your foundation to smear and look like it’s been troweled on.

Having tried it for myself for just over one month, I couldn’t be happier with it. It is so silky soft and a little bit goes a long way. If you can be savvy with Boots vouchers then you can also bag a real bargain.

Pick yours up here:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum – the perfect skin pick-me-up


I have recently reinvested in the affordable, yet exceptional Healthy Mix Serum because no matter how expensive I go with my foundation, it never seems to be as good as this one. If your skin is looking tired and grey then this fruity treat will perk it right back up again.

As it’s a gel foundation, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for oily complexions, but for dry skin it’s ideal. However, if you do have dull and oily skin then use this foundation with some matte powder over the top – it works just as well.

It goes on easily without caking, and looks natural yet dewy. Buy it from Boots for £10.99, and at the moment it’s triple points on all purchases!

Boots offer

Coconut Oil: Five Uses For This Wonder Oil


Coconut oil is the latest beauty trend on the books, but does it really live up to the hype?

I’ve been trying out coconut oil for the last two weeks to find out whether it actually makes a good alternative to other, more expensive beauty products. And I’m surprised to say that actually it does!

1. Use it to target problem dry-skin areas. 

I have long suffered from problem skin; always dry, especially in the winter. To my joy, a small amount rubbed on those areas (for me it’s my legs and around my nose) and it works a treat. Who needs expensive moisturisers when you can buy a huge vat of coconut oil for £5?

2. Use as an intensive hair mask once a week. 

I used this on my hair when I could and used as much or as little as I wanted depending on what I had to do the next day. If you put a lot in then it does, as you’d expect, make your hair pretty greasy, but a small amount rubbed into the palms first just gives it a touch of moisture. Great before bed on the tips to keep your hair silky.

3. Use to soften the skin on your feet.

It’s helped soften my feet already, and the same goes for your hands. Rub it into cuticles for soft and supple skin.

4. Makeup remover.

I’m always worried about using makeup wipes because I’ve read so much about how they can age you – especially the cheap ones with harsh chemicals. I’ve tried this out and although I wouldn’t use it every day – because it’s a bit claggy if it gets in your eyes (!) – it is nice almost like a face mask to soften the skin and give your eyelashes and eyebrows a bit of a groom.

5. Substitute in cooking.

Big fan of this, especially since I’ve been trying out alkaline cooking. I was worried that it would be like sesame oil that adds a real powerful tang to meals, but actually it’s a great substitute to other oils and it adds only a slight taste to the meal which is very tasty.

Verdict: The price is a real selling point. From around just £5 for a huge tub, coconut oil can really provide a solution to many makeup and beauty woes. Coconut oil makes a silky and nourishing hair mask, moisturiser, exfoliator, makeup remover AND you can eat it! For this price there’s very little risk, if you don’t like it then it’s not the end of the world!