Prettiest air purifying plants

Plants are pretty magical things. They don’t just brighten a room; they are also proven to purify the air, improve your well-being and even protect you from disease.

In fact, the more I find out about plants the more obsessed I get with buying every kind of plant I can possibly find, and then cramming them into my tiny flat.

Top five plants for good health and happiness:

Yonks ago, NASA conducted a study into whether household plants could be beneficial for our health. It turned out that plants are great air filters that can remove toxins emitted from household items, such as cleaning products, electrical equipment, carpets, upholstery and paint.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily topped the list of plants for removing formaldehyde – often found in cleaning products, soaps and detergents. They are stunning plants that don’t need an awful lot of care, just a water every now and again. Keep them out of direct sunlight though, as this will cause them to wilt.

Snake Plant 

Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, this plant is amazing for filtering out the nasties found in cleaning products like bleach. They also thrive in humid areas with less light, which means that it’s great for the bathroom.

English Ivy

English Ivy is very leafy so it’s great at getting rid of indoor pollutants that come from floorboard resins and carpet dyes. It’s another excellent plant for the bathroom because it thrives with very little sunlight and moist air.


The fern is believed to absorb the radiation emitted from electrical equipment like computers, TVs and printers. It helps remove other pollutants found in paint and nail polishes, as well as that pesky formaldehyde. Watered regularly and kept out of direct sunlight will keep a fern looking green and lush.


Palms specifically target and remove harmful elements in the air like carbon monoxide – perfect for a home where people smoke. Palms like heat and lots of sunlight!

More on plants (I’m obsessed now)

The mere presence of plants can improve productivity, mood and your attentiveness – which is why you might notice lots of plants in many offices. Having plants around lifts my mood and makes me feel relaxed.

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve reaction times
  • Increase attentiveness
  • Lower levels of anxiety
  • Raise levels of well-being
What’s more, the colour green – being at the centre of the spectrum – is the colour of balance, tranquility and rest. Are you convinced yet?!

International Women’s Day


From celebrities to business women, and PR campaigns to days like International Women’s Day, there is a lot of amazing work going on to improve the way women are represented and thought about – and I LOVE it.

It was International Women’s Day while I was on holiday, a day which has inspired this post. I’ve always seen myself as a feminist, mainly because my Mum brought me up to believe I could achieve anything anyone else could.

Here are some of my favourite campaigns:


This made me well-up watching this inspirational video called: “Like a Girl” by Always. It’s such a powerful video – watch it for yourself here:


Feminism is often seen as “man-bashing” and “just for lesbians who burn their bras” but this campaign is spot on in promoting gender equality. This campaign “brings together one half of humanity in support of the other half of humanity, for the benefit of all” and it’s exactly how I’ve always thought of feminism. My boyfriend told me that, having gone out with me for four years, he would now describe himself as a feminist. Not sure if it was the beers talking, but I nearly fell over. PROUD MOMENT.

Code Playground

Not focussed on female students per se, but Code Playground does help all children learn valuable skills for the future in computer science. Girls haven’t traditionally been encouraged to learn subjects like engineering, computer science and maths – but they’re so important! I went to one of the best girls schools in my county and there weren’t any engineering or computer science lessons, and at careers meetings I was always pushed to go for essay based subjects. If girls want to earn the wonga then they need to start getting involved in these hands-on subjects.

This Girl Can

Encouraging women to get into sport, This Girl Can has a great advert with normal women. I have always been quite sporty, but many gyms are so packed with protein-overdosed, body-builder-esque men pumping iron in the mirror, that I’m so often put off from going. It’s not the ONLY reason I don’t go 😉 but it is a big factor because it’s so intimidating. Running on the roads in the dark equally terrifies me. But This Girl Can is a campaign to get women moving, and has loads of activities all over the UK that women can attend from biking to canoeing.

My favourite Inspirational Women

Sheryl Sandberg – Juggling work and play

I read her book Lean In last year and took some valuable things away from it. It’s easy to try to take on too much if you feel like you’ve got something to prove, but actually its more useful to say no every now and again.

Angelina Jolie – Health

News broke this morning that Angelina Jolie has undergone preventative surgery and started the menopause after finding out she was in the early stages of ovarian cancer. The news coverage has been overwhelmingly positive, because she’s so open about female health issues, and I think it makes it less scary for women going through the same thing. I love Ange.

Malala Yousafzai – Education

So young but so inspirational! She recently became the youngest ever Nobel prize laureate, and has been an activist for female education and human rights ever since she was shot by the Taliban. You really can’t get much more inspirational or brave than that.

Karen Brady – Business

Every time I see the first lady of football Karen Brady on the TV I think, it is possible to break the glass ceiling! She’s a champion for women in business, she looks great and she’s now a baroness. (and a legend)

If you know of any other campaigns that are just as exciting then let me know.